Azalea City Con is a pop culture convention for pop culture geeks, comic book nerds, gamers, cosplayers, anime kids, and anyone who proudly wears the nerd label. 




Martha is our chief executive officer.

With almost a decade of experience as both a cosplay guest and con runner, Martha is ready to do her part to help make something great at Azalea City Con. She loves that old school con experience, but can’t wait to bring in a little bit of sparkle for the modern convention goer! Her hope is to create an event that Mobile can be proud of, that caters to all ages, and that geeks of all stripes can call their convention home.


Sarah is our chief operations officer.

Sarah attended her first convention in 2005 and hasn't looked back. Her passion for fandom has taken her to events big and small as an attendee, guest, and vendor. Sarah has several years of experience as a convention organizer and business owner. She brings her love of conventions and all things nerdy to help make Azalea City Con the best multi-fandom convention in the South.  


Lizz is our Vendor Hall Director.

Lizz has been working with the con scene for 10+ years, starting off helping fellow ACC board member Sarah with BlueKnightProps doing prop production, photography, and also manning the exhibitor table at many different cons, then as a staff member for a few local cons. She is super excited to be a part of ACC and being able to grow with this amazing community.


Renée is in charge of Media and Guest Relations.

Renée is a published writer and photographer and holds a degree in Journalism. Her nerd credentials include over 30 years playing DnD (without memorizing the player's handbook), the pilot episode of Star Trek TNG on VHS and 899 Korok seeds found in Breath of The Wild. She also attended a con billed as the first sci-fi convention in Mobile back in 19... "cough cough."

Renée is a serial volunteer and boasts an impressive resume of free labor including DragonCon in Atlanta, Wizard World in New Orleans, Mobicon in Mobile, BayFest, the SPCA, etc., and has helped organize several successful fundraising events.

Also, her mother says she's a wonderful person. So, there's that.


Tara is our chief financial officer.

Tara has worked in operations, project management, and logistics in the public accounting industry for 20 years and is looking forward to doing something much more fun with those skills here at ACC. She is relatively new to the con scene but loves supporting this fun, clever community and watching the amazing things you all do. You just may need to explain things to her like you would your enthusiastic normie aunt. 

ACC Founders Club 

ACC Founders help make ACC unforgettable from day 0. Thank you for your support! 

ACC founders receive 1 Eternal VIP Badge for the annual event for life and 1 additional 2023 badge for a friend. 2024 t-shirt and swag bag and name and image on our founders' section on the ACC website. Invites to other events throughout the year. Shout out on our social media pages. Skip the line for tickets, panels, and other events. Early access to announcements. Early access to the vendor hall and artist alley. Early access to 2024 Pre-Party.