FAQs and Rules

 Convention Hours:

Saturday: 10:00 am to 12:00 am and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Vendor Hall/ Exhibitor’s Hours: 

Hours for Vendors and Artists:Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm 

Azalea City Con Rules

 Azalea City Con reserves the right to revoke Azalea City Con Attendee membership and eject anyone at any time from the convention or event without a refund.


1.   Animals: Only service animals are allowed into the convention space. Please refer to the ADA website for rules and regulations regarding service animals if you have further questions.

2.   Badges: Badges must be worn at all times. Please keep them in sight and display your badge when entering the Dealer’s Hall/ Artist Alley, Main Events, and Panel rooms. Attendees caught without a badge will be barred from entering the before mentioned areas during convention hours. Badges can be purchased at the Registration table.

3.   Bare Feet: All Azalea City Con attendees must wear proper footwear while attending the convention. Proper footwear consists of shoes, boots, sandals, and slippers. Rollerblades, skates, or Heelys are not permitted.

4.   Body Paint: Please properly seal your body makeup and be respectful of others while wearing body paint. If a complaint is made about you leaving makeup on costumes, merchandise, or convention property, you will be asked to leave and adequately seal your makeup.

5.   Smoking/ Burning on Site: Smoking is prohibited in the convention space as per Alabama law and 25 feet from any exit or entrance. The event is smoke-free. Please note the designated smoking areas on the property grounds. If you are found burning objects, your badge will be confiscated, and you will be barred from returning to the convention.

6.   Guests: Please respect the privacy of Azalea City Con guests. If a guest files a complaint against you, it may result in confiscating your badge and removal from the convention. Attendees can acquire autographs from guests during specified times or while at their table.

7.   Harassment and Assault: Cosplay is Not Consent. Azalea City Con does not tolerate harassment of any kind. Harassment is any physical or verbal behavior that alarms, threatens, or annoys anyone. This includes unwanted physical contact, stalking, taking pictures without permission, threats of bodily harm, etc. Please report any harassment to event security and/or staff.

8. Liability: Azalea City Con is not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, and/or injury. Attendees are responsible for their actions and any repercussions that may result. All emergencies are to be handled by the proper authorities.

9. Minors: Minors at the age of 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent or designated guardian. All guardians must be 18 and over and must register with the convention. The parent or guardian must be present at the venue at all times of the convention. Notice to parents: Azalea City Con requires a way to reach a legal guardian in case of an emergency. Guardians will be held responsible (legally and financially) for any damages incurred by their child or charge to hotel/venue and/or Azalea City Con property.

10. Any criminal damages and/or activity will be met with criminal charges, as well as a permanent ban from ALL future Azalea City Con events. All attendees are subject to the laws and ordinances Mobile County and the state of Alabama.

11. Photography: Cameras and camcorders are allowed within the convention space. Please be courteous to guests and attendees, ask for photos, and use proper etiquette.

12. Signage: Azalea City Con does not permit the display or wearing of signs that offer goods or services. Signs deemed to have inappropriate content will be removed from your possession. Signs cannot be hung on any surfaces as per venue/hotel policy, please refrain from posting anything on the walls of the convention space/ hotel.

13. Costumes: Azalea City Con reserves the right to deem a costume unacceptable and request the wearer to make modifications or change clothing. Azalea City Con is a family-friendly event, please dress appropriately. Use common sense when choosing your costume and a good rule of thumb is that a costume should be no less than a standard bikini swimsuit. 

14. Theft: Anyone caught shoplifting or thieving will be handed over to the authorities and have their badge confiscated. These individuals will be permanently banned from any future Azalea City Con events.

15. Vending: Vending of any item or service is strictly prohibited without a vending agreement or consent by Azalea City Con. 

16. Weapons: All weapons must be non-working, checked by con staff, and peace bonded. It is upon the attendee to ensure their prop is inspected and approved prior to entering the convention area! Azalea City Con does not allow any functional projectile weapons or projectiles of any kind. Metal weapons are strictly prohibited at Azalea City Con. Any permitted weapons must be checked and peace bonded. Do not bring weapons that Azalea City Con staff & the police officers cannot tell are fake from approximately ten feet away. Azalea City Con has the right to declare any weapon inappropriate and/or dangerous. If your weapon is deemed dangerous you will be asked to remove it from the convention area. Azalea City Con also reserves the right to check/process any weapon before or during convention times.


Rules are subject to change. Azalea City Con reserves the right to change rules when and if necessary, at any time.


Notice to ALL attendees:

ALL attendees are expected to conduct themselves respectably. You will be held responsible (legally and financially) for damages incurred by you to the venue/hotel and/or Azalea City Con property. Any criminal damages and/or activity will be met with criminal charges, as well as a permanent ban from ALL future Azalea City Con events. All attendees are subject to the laws and ordinances of Mobile County and the state of Alabama.

Photography Release: By attending our convention, you understand that any photography and/or video taken during the event can and will be used under the discretion of Azalea City Con. This includes but is not limited to press releases, televised media, social media, etc.

Health Safety