Table Top and Video Gaming 

 Video Gaming! 

Really Rad Weekend will be hanging out, providing video game tournaments and our retro console room!

Really Rad Weekend is a rad little con in Fort Walton Beach FL, that brings gamers together for a charitable cause, brought to you by your friends at RadJunk and RadBar. Really Rad Weekend is a two-day event that combines gaming, your favorite content creators, video game-centric vendors, both modern and retro tournaments, and a cash cosplay contest- all at the beautiful Island Resort on Okaloosa Island. 

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Tournament Schedule 

(All tournaments are onsite registration and free to enter with ACC weekend pass.) 

 Table Top Gaming! 

Our tabletop gaming area hosts for the 2024 Convention: John LeBatard from One Foot in the Grave gaming and Bryan King from Neo Realms.

John and Bryan, along with their team, are committed to making the Azalea City Con gaming room a welcoming and fun place for attendees of all ages and gaming levels!

They'll have a library of 50+ games and staff to run them.

They'll also host RPGs and social games, as well as highlighting a few game developers.

You can choose from games you know and love, or play something completely new!

One Foot in the Grave gaming is a father and son duo (John LeBatard SR and John LeBatard JR) of game designers who have developed “Traders and Traitors “ the multi-phase card game that plays like a board game where players work to solve the murder of the King and become the new ruler of the realm.

The duo is currently working on several other games to be released over the next few years.

Bryan King has his BFA, a Masters in Art Education, and works in the following fields: 2d illustrations, 3d modeling, animation, painting/watercolors, sculpting, writing. Bryan is the creator of the Kingly Adventures Cookbook, Fenrir war game, P.O.N.E. card game and the Neo-Earth graphic novel.

(All tournaments are onsite registration and free to enter with ACC weekend pass.)